What’s Trending: Put the “Purpose” in Content Repurposing

May 20, 2019

Summer is the season of repurposing. Pull the top down on that convertible and you’ve got a wide-open warm-weather ride. Turn those snug, comfy mittens into koozies for cold drinks. Cut the legs off your jeans and you’ve got a perfectly good pair of jorts. (Mileage may vary on the jorts suggestion.)

Much of the winter gear that performs best can be reused in new ways as temperatures rise. So it’s a good time to think about your high-quality content that might have some additional life left in it. Content repurposing is a hallmark of efficient, sustainable strategies everywhere.

But there’s always a fine line to walk. You don’t want to overdo it, nor do you want to use this tactic in the wrong situation. Brands that arbitrarily recycle the same posts on a preset schedule are liable to come across as repetitive or even lazy.

Content repurposing is at its best when it has a purpose. With this in mind, we’ll kick off our latest roundup of top trending content for marketers with a few insightful pieces on this important topic.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. The Why, When, and How of Republishing Blog Posts

In my opinion, Content Marketing Institute has a great strategy for republishing posts, calling back timely content with updates to add value. You can gain an understanding of their editorial process in this extensive breakdown via Kim Moutsos.

2. How to Improve Audience Engagement Without Writing 10 Times More Content

Flipping your existing content into new formats that your audience wants is a no-brainer. At Copyblogger, Sonia Simone lays out some practical guidance.

3. Here’s Why Truth in Brand Storytelling Matters

Exploring a couple of contrasting examples, Rachel Benner and Hannah Post explain why it’s critical to back up your company’s narratives with substance. “Brands win customer loyalty when messaging and experience work together seamlessly.”

4. Leveraging Data Science to Illuminate the Modern Customer Journey

Attempting to understand searcher behavior is a complicated undertaking. At Search Engine Land, Kevin Klein argues that the key lies in studying query relationships and the patterns that emerge.  

5. 5 Brands that Prove B2B Isn’t Boring

It’s always great to see innovative and inspiring examples of B2B campaigns that break the mold. Here, Beth Negus Viveiros highlights five companies bringing excitement to traditionally staid verticals.

6. We Only Need Great Content Marketing

It’s important to include several different content types in your mix, and webinars can still be winners for B2B. At Social Media Today, you can read Bernie Borges’ thoughts on these topics and listen to his interview with CMI’s Stephanie Stahl.

7.  5 Common B2B Martech Stack Mistakes to Avoid

Assembling the right collection of marketing software grows all the more challenging as new options keep arising. From lacking a process to not doing your homework and more, Kelly J. Waffle outlines missteps to watch out for.

8. How Often Does Google Update Its Algorithm?

We all know that Google’s search algorithm changes frequently. If you’re wondering just how frequently, and how significant these alterations tend to be, Moz’s Peter Myers offers a helpful overview.

9. 736% Customer Success Growth Reported by Gainsight and LinkedIn

A new report from Gainsight, featuring data from LinkedIn, shows a huge increase in Customer Success Manager roles, which seems to reflect the growing emphasis on after-sale or subscription-based customer experiences. Ameya Dusane analyzes the findings.

10. 5 Intriguing Social Media Techniques That Are Dominating in 2019

Many brands are using tactics like user-generated content and micro-influencers to better connect with their customers on social media. Gerry Wilson has the full scoop.

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