What’s Trending: Does Your Content Spark Joy?

January 21, 2019


Does it spark joy?

If you have seen this catchphrase circulating on social media, you have Marie Kondo to thank. In her books and her new Netflix series, Marie seeks to help people not only declutter, but change the way they relate to the objects in their lives.

According to her KonMari philosophy, it’s okay to hold onto physical objects as long as they have a meaning and purpose. Does that snowglobe from your senior trip to Albuquerque spark joy when you look at it? Then by all means, keep it and treasure it. Otherwise, pack it up.

Many B2B marketers have been creating content for a decade or more. We all have a warehouse full of old blog posts, eBooks, white papers… but do they spark joy? Are they reaching our customers? What should we hold onto as we continue to make more? More importantly, can we change our relationship with content and see better results?

This week’s roundup of trending content features articles that can help you make that switch. You will find data-driven B2B content analysis from BuzzSumo, a bold reimagining of content marketing strategy from Orbitmedia, and more.

Read on to spark, if not outright joy, then at least interest and inspiration.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Best B2B Content: Analysis & Insights from Over 50,000 Articles

Learn what traits make for top-performing B2B content marketing in this data-heavy report from Carmel Anderson and the team at BuzzSumo.

2. Dump the Sales Funnel in Favor of Lifecycle Marketing

What does the modern customer journey look like? Express Writers CEO Julia McCoy presents a cloverleaf-shaped model that could make your marketing more effective.

3. A Technically Well-Optimized Site Won’t Rank without Good Content

According to Google higher-ups, SEO alone isn’t enough to earn a spot in the SERP. SEO Analyst Matt Southern explains what type of content can help improve rankings.

4. Your 2019 Content Strategy: 5 Trends You Can’t Ignore

Altimeter’s Omar Akhtar presents this thought-provoking list of trends that will shape content in 2019, with plenty of data to support each prediction.

5. How to Do a Content Audit and Boost Your Organic Traffic

Repetitive, shallow, and/or underperforming content can drag down your site’s rankings. Ahrefs Head of Content Joshua Hardwick walks through a productive content pruning process.

6. Converting with Extra Copy: 5 Long-Form Landing Page Examples

This post from Unbounce’s Jennifer Pepper bucks conventional wisdom, offering compelling evidence that more content can lead to more conversions on landing pages.

7. 30 Essential Influencer Marketing Statistics

This post from TopRank Marketing’s Joshua Nite pulls together stats from seven major influencer marketing reports, highlighting what’s working, what needs work, and how to optimize your strategy.

8. 6 B2B Content Strategy Pitfalls to Avoid

Learn how to keep your content relevant, optimized and effective with these tips from SEO Consultant Shaleen Shah.

9. Narrative Storytelling: How to Weave Stories into Your Marketing

Learn how to make your marketing more empathetic and human with storytelling advice from a screenwriter and branding expert, Cassera Communications President Melissa Cassera.

10. The Content Strategy Framework of the Top 1% of B2B Companies

Orbitmedia’s Andy Crestodina challenges B2B marketers to rethink how content leads to revenue in this eye-opening video.

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