What’s Trending: Keeping Up with the Calendar

October 28, 2019

What’s Trending: Keeping Up with the Calendar

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means: In the blink of an eye it will be Thanksgiving, and then before you know it it’s happy holidays and January 2020. 

We’re already seeing the first round of predictions and trends posts for the coming year. But you don’t have to let Q4 slide by while you’re not looking. There’s still time to fine-tune your content marketing strategy, test and optimize, and close out the year strong.

This week’s roundup can help. Start by diving into the 2020 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks to see how your team measures up to the industry, and what best practices you might be missing. Then keep reading for advice on content strategy, account-based marketing, SEO, and more.

And Happy New Year!

Just kidding.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 2020 B2B Content Marketing: What the Successful Do

The CMI and MarketingProfs annual B2B Benchmarks report is always a must-read. See how your team stacks up to the rest of the industry with key takeaways from Stephanie Stahl.

2. 5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Content Marketing Strategy

The way that doctors use technology to diagnose patients, collaborate on rounds, and specialize to benefit the patient are all qualities that marketers could borrow, says Newscred’s Jennifer Tolhurst.

3. 5 Useful Skills Marketers Should Learn from Media Companies

Take lessons from shoe-leather journalists, casting directors, and more in this article from Contently’s Emily Gaudette.

4. Podcasts May Have Replaced Video, but a Solid Content Strategy Is Still King

Sometimes marketers need a reminder to keep up the basics: Good old-fashioned text is still the foundation of a successful content strategy, says Michael Grimes.

5. How Account-Based Marketing Works: Digital and Traditional Tactics

Get a high-level view of ABM with this primer from Michael Brenner, then dive into our ABM guide for the specifics.

6. Key Components of an International Content Marketing Strategy

Learn how to adapt your content marketing strategy for a global audience with these tips from Ashley Segura. She covers influencer marketing, social media, and more.

7. Creating Content? Make Sure You Have These Four Team Members

Strategic content marketing covers many different areas of expertise, from creative writing to SEO tactics. This article from Kelsey Raymond can help you round out your team.

8. When Is It Time to Quit Blogging?

If you’re ready to throw in your content marketing towel (you have a content marketing towel, right?), let Mark Schaefer talk you down. He makes a convincing case for blogging as both a marketing tool and an end unto itself.

9. 10 Tips from Influencer Marketing’s 1,000 Year History

From Thomas Aquinas to Bill Gates, this post from Lane Ellis rounds up great marketing wisdom for the ages. My favorite: “Fill your pages with the breathings of your heart.” — William Wordsworth

10. Content Marketing to Boost Your Local SEO

Learn how to use guest posts, locally-optimized list articles, and more to make your local business more visible. This brief video from Wes McDowell is bound to have a tip or two you haven’t seen before.

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