What’s Trending: The Wide World of Content Marketing

September 2, 2019

With Content Marketing World upon us this week, I find myself thinking about how fitting the event’s name is. Yes, the entirety of the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland will be overtaken by passionate practitioners on Tuesday, but more broadly, all of us marketers are living in a content marketing world. You can now basically use the term to describe any subcategory of the discipline.

Social media marketing? It’s content marketing.

Search engine marketing? It’s content marketing.

Influencer marketing? It’s content marketing.

Email marketing? … You get the idea.

As Devin Davis wrote last month at Forbes: all marketing is content marketing. “It’s not an add-on or merely a component of a wider marketing plan,” he proclaims. “Content comes first and resonates in everything we do.”

He’s right! Accordingly, content marketing will come first in this week’s trending roundup and will resonate in everything that follows, as we gear up for another awesome event in Cleveland courtesy of the fine folks at Content Marketing Institute. (LinkedIn marketers will be in the house — including Amber Naslund, who’s giving a Thursday chat on disruptive thought leadership  — so please come say hello if you’re in attendance!)

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 8 Ways to Generate Pre-Event Hype with Content Marketing

This seems like a good place to start, with content marketing and events on the mind. Michael Brenner will also be speaking at CMWorld, and ahead of the show he’s sharing tips for maximizing event success. It’s a helpful read as conference season gets underway.

2. Successful Content Is Ridiculously Easy to Use

Is your content functional, accessible, and easily digestible? At Content Marketing Institute, Forrest Brown writes that this is essential to achieving high search rankings.

3. How to Craft a Customer Experience That Creates Conversations

Jay Baer is another marketing luminary who will be taking the stage at CMWorld, where content experiences are sure to be a hot topic. Here he offers guidance on aligning your content with the critical goal of generating word-of-mouth buzz. 

4. 4 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking

Maybe you’re missing the mark in terms of relevance. Or maybe you’re not thinking big enough (literally) with keywords. Kristopher Jones helps you diagnose and address subpar search rankings for your content. 

5. Here's What We Learned About Organic Click Through Rate

Speaking of SERPs, the team at Backlinko ran another of their in-depth studies, analyzing 5 million search results in search of insight around organic CTR. Founder Brian Dean shares the findings. 

6. How to Create LinkedIn Articles That People Will Read and Share

Publishing long-form content is a key component of a comprehensive content strategy on LinkedIn. This helpful step-by-step guide from Louise Brogan walks you through the ins and outs. 

7. Do You Speak B2B Marketing?

As B2B marketers, we tend to speak a different language, framed mostly around funnels and leads. Marketo’s Katrina Niemisto argues that our native tongue is outdated, and suggests a new unified dialect. 

8. 7 B2B Marketing Strategies to Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is among the cornerstones of an objective-based marketing plan. These seven methods for building awareness in the B2B space via Rachel Cunningham will help grow your footprint. 

9. Tips for Creating Account Based Marketing Campaigns

Effectively executing an ABM program requires careful customization, and usage of the right channels and tactics. The pointers here from Ameet Bhinganiya shed light on best practices for pursuing your most valuable customers.

10. Lead Volume vs. Lead Quality 

Quantity is meaningless without quality. At Moz, Ruth Burr Reedy offers advice on heating up your leads through qualification and lead scoring.

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