What’s Trending: Optimize & Expand Your Budget

November 4, 2019

Q4 is waning fast, and for many marketers, it’s time to contemplate budgeting. The lucky few have leftover budget to burn before the year is out, but most of us are focused on proving our effectiveness and making the case for larger budgets in 2020. 

Of course, we’re all experts in doing more with less. But wouldn’t it be nice to do more with… well, more?

This week’s roundup can help you plan around budgets big and small. It starts with advice on creating a “brilliantly cheap” content marketing strategy, and ends with a blueprint for asking leadership to expand your budget.

Read on and keep your mind on your money, and your marketing on your mind.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. What Goes into a Brilliantly Cheap Content Marketing Strategy?

If you’re on a lean budget — or just want to do more with what you have — these tips from Kayleigh Alexandra can help. Kayleigh shares how to focus your efforts on quality content and squeeze every drop of value from it.

2.  Cut Through the Confusion and Successfully Move Buying Groups with ABM

This article from Kay Kienast dives into the practical moving parts of an ABM campaign to demonstrate how, exactly, you can help guide a diverse group of stakeholders to a purchase decision.

3. Which of These 3 Content Pillar Types Should You Build?

In-depth, SEO-optimized pillar content is a great way to build ranking for target keywords. But should your pillar focus on products/services, 10x content, or curating resources? Justin Champion explores the use case for each type.

4. Features vs. Benefits: How to Hit Your Content Marketing Sweet Spot

Create compelling content that still hits your business objectives with these detailed tips from SEO Writer Jessica Foster.

5. A Guide for Creating and Optimizing B2B Content Marketing Funnels

This illustrated guide, courtesy of Daniel McGaw, uses the three-stage funnel as a jumping-off point. But don’t let that simplicity fool you: There’s plenty of detailed advice to be had within each section.

6. Take 15 Minutes to Find Your Winning Difference

Do you have an elevator pitch for why your content is different than that of your competitors? If not, Sonia Simone can help you create a simple, compelling mission statement to rally behind.

7. Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working and How to Fix It

Learn how to build trust with your audience through a content marketing strategy overhaul. Michael Brenner includes a bulleted list of quick wins for busy content marketers.

8. How to Strategically Test Your B2B Content Marketing

Marketer Paul Cheney sits in on this episode of the Green & Greene podcast to talk B2B content marketing strategy, LinkedIn marketing, and more.

9. Why You Should Consider Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn

Influencer marketing works for B2B — but it’s more complicated than paying a celebrity to feature your product. Pascal Wabnitz breaks it down in this Q&A with Katharina Nottmeier.

10. How to Ask for a Bigger Marketing Budget

It’s budgeting season, and high time for marketers to get a bigger piece of the pie. Learn how to make a business case to expand your marketing resources in this short video podcast from Pam Didner.

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