What’s Trending: Social Media Stats You Should Know

June 17, 2019


At some point within the past year or so, according to eMarketer, people in the U.S. started spending more time per day with their mobile devices than their TVs. This feels like an important, if inevitable, milestone.

Statistics are everywhere in the business world these days. Sometimes it feels like there are way too many of them, especially when we often see the same ones regurgitated and parroted for years, long past the point of accuracy and relevance.

But still, I love stats. That is to say I love good, well-sourced, meaningful stats like the example above. They provide important contextual data about what’s happening beyond our own office walls, enabling us to make informed decisions. For instance, with social media being one of the top drivers in this increasing mobile usage, it comes as no surprise that — per the new Future of B2B Content 2019 report from WalkerSands Communications — B2B marketers are planning to focus more heavily on social content than any other type over the next 12 months.

Which other stats might help influence the way you approach your marketing in the second half of 2019? We’re kicking off our latest roundup of trending content with a rundown of social media statistics worth noting. Read on, and you’ll also find an assortment of tips, tactics, hacks, and how-tos.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. The Most Essential (and Surprising) Social Media Statistics and Facts of 2019

Plenty of good nuggets within this post from Buffer’s Bonnie Porter. I found this one particularly interesting: U.S. adults spend an average of 1 hour and 16 minutes each day watching video on digital devices, and 55% watch online videos everyday. This undoubtedly ties to the aforementioned TV/mobile shift.

2. Reflections on the 2019 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study

Unseen influence, opportunity gaps, and risk/reward balance: Michael Brenner takes an in-depth look at recent research on thought leadership content, offering up key insights and takeaways.

3. 24 Marketing Thought Leaders You May Have Missed

Speaking of thought leadership, Mathew Sweezey put together a solid list of folks who do it well in the marketing space. These sharp minds are all worth following.

4. 7 SEO Title Tag Hacks for Increased Rankings + Traffic

Moz republished a classic Whiteboard Friday session from Cyrus Shepard on a critically important SEO topic. If you haven’t checked these tips out before, now might be a good time.

5. How to Convert More Marketing Leads to Pipeline

There are links to a full podcast episode on the subject, but if you don’t have time to listen, take a quick glance at LeadCrunch’s infographic featuring three effective strategies for following up on leads.

6. 19 Impressive Product Demo Videos You'll Want to Copy

Product demos can be among the most impactful and persuasive content for the late stages of the buyer journey… when done well. These examples via HubSpot’s Meg Prater can provide inspiration and guidance.

7. How to Use Heatmaps to Increase Your Conversions

Heatmaps are visualizations of user behavior on a website. Marketers can use them to optimize CTAs, identify dead elements, and reduce cart abandonment (in ecommerce setups). Ann Smarty explains how it’s done.

8. 3 Key Tenets of Successful Full Funnel Search

“Recognizing when you need to push upper, middle or bottom activity with your campaigns is fundamental to a full funnel search approach,” writes Josh Dreller.

9. The Experience Factor: It’s Time for Content Marketers to ‘Flip the Switch’

Shifting our marketing strategies to focus on experience requires a change in mindset. Caitlin Burgess helps us see the modern customer landscape through a new lens in this thoughtful piece.

10. Why One B2B Business is Trying to Market More Like a Consumer Brand

There are powerful lessons to be drawn from the innovative things SAP is doing with its human-centered marketing strategy. Sarah Vizard has the details at Marketing Week.

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