What’s Trending: Tackle Your To-Do List

July 15, 2019

Marketing To-Do List

Summer is a great time to travel. Whether it’s visiting family, checking out tourist spots, or just spending a week at the beach, there’s nothing quite like a summer vacation.

Of course, once the vacation is over, you’re back at home. And if you’re like me, it’s a place full of half-finished home improvement projects. There just never seems to be time to finish them off, and there are always new projects getting added. Maybe instead of a vacation, it’s time for a “staycation”: Regrouping at home and crossing some items off the to-do list.

Most of us have a “home improvement” to-do list for work, too. All those little projects that could add up to vastly improved results — but we can never find time to get them across the finish line. 

This summer, take a staycation at work. Use the tips in this week’s roundup to help pare down your list, boost your effectiveness, and even start some new projects.

Read on for advice on account-based marketing at scale, creating more dynamic content, tactical SEO tips, and more.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. What B2B Marketers Can Learn from Craft Breweries

Is your content crisp as an IPA, fresh as a Hefeweizen, and satisfying as a stout? Kathryn Hawkins explains how to engage your audience and build relationships, with tips borrowed from microbreweries. 

2. How to Win Over New Kinds of Readers

Is your content appealing to rats, cats, monkeys and dogs? Sonia Simone explores four different types of content consumers, and how you can satisfy the whole petting zoo.

3. Writing for B2B Audiences: Five Ways to Revive Your Storytelling

The right kind of B2B content doesn’t just engage an audience; it moves them to action. These tips from Kathleen Lucente can help your content make a bigger impact.

4. How to Build Links in 2019

SEO is always a moving target. Link building in particular has constantly changing best practices, aimed at ethically building links without going afoul of search engine algorithms. Olga Smirnova walks you through the current state of the art. This piece was published a few months ago but saw a spike in social shares over the past week or so.

5. 8 Easy B2B Writing Tips to Create Highly Engaging Assets

B2B content needs to be bolder, more dynamic, and more emotionally compelling to earn attention from distracted audiences. Take your content to the next level with these tips from Melissa Randall.

6. Be Better at B2B: How to Improve B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

We may be slightly biased in thinking that LinkedIn is the perfect place for B2B marketing. So don’t take our word for it: Ricky van der Walt shares his experience with the platform, and offers tips for achieving even better results.

7. Holy Grail SEO: High Volume, Low Competition Keywords

The mythical unicorns of SEO are those popular keywords you can earn with minimal effort. This post from Daniel Lofaso gets into tactical detail on how to identify and capture these prizes.

8. A Crash Course in ABM-Powered Content Marketing

Account-based marketing at scale is a powerful way for B2B marketers to get in front of their most valuable prospects. Jodi Harris offers an overview for folks who are just getting started.

9. Hitting Your Target: Why ABM and Influencers Are the Perfect Match

If you have advanced beyond the ABM crash course, let Nick Nelson explain why (and how) adding influencers can boost your effectiveness.

10. How Employee Engagement Drives Marketing ROI

Your employees are likely one of the largest untapped marketing resources your organization has. Check out Michael Brenner’s advice on employee engagement, then complete the picture with our new Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Employees into Brand Advocates.

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Photo: TeroVesalainen