What’s Trending: The Growing Focus on ABM

April 8, 2019

At its core, account-based marketing is all about focus. Modeled around the concentrated pursuit of key targeted accounts, this approach compels B2B organizations to bring laserlike focus to their messaging, content, and strategies.   

While marketers are generally getting much better at maximizing insights and refining their audiences (the new lookalike audiences feature on LinkedIn can help in that arena), ABM takes the next step in terms of specificity. Instead of trying to reach companies within the same defined niche, we’re trying to reach people within specific companies.

At a time where buying committees are larger than ever, this shift in focus makes sense – especially for a business that can land a big chunk of its annual revenue with one single deal. So it comes as no surprise that ABM continues to gain popularity and prominence in B2B.

This week’s roundup features a wealth of new perspectives on ABM, from strategizing to content development and beyond.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 3 Strategies to Kick-Start your ABM Efforts

Getting started and securing initial buy-in from sales can be among the top challenges for ABM, according to Mitch Folks. He outlines three practical methods for getting over the hump.

2. Content Development Tips for Account Based Marketing

Building personas for specific buyer roles and tiers enables content creators to personalize with precision, writes Natasha Humphrey at Marketing Land.

3. Unstoppable Trends Every B2B Marketer Must Embrace to Drive Growth

“Marketers must stop chasing every lead and focus programs around specific accounts,” says Scott Vaughan, Chief Growth Officer for Integrate. That’s among the five directives he lays out in this emphatic piece for Martech Today.

4. The New Way Forward In B2B: Account-Based Experience

At the Adobe Summit last month, Marketo’s SVP Steve Lucas laid out a bold new vision for taking ABM to the next level, through fully tailored experiences. Giselle Abramovich has the details at CMO.com. We at LinkedIn are excited about our newly announced partnership with Adobe, Marketo’s parent company, and Microsoft to help bring this vision forward.

5. 50% of B2B Buyers Don’t Have Defined Needs When Making a Purchase

At Smart Insights, Joanna Carter Tipton breaks down eye-opening new B2B buyer research from Aberdeen, which highlights some key opportunities in terms of how we frame challenges, competitors, and solutions when engaging with decision makers.

6. 5 (More) Secrets of Great Storytellers

Putting new twists on familiar tales, unlocking the power of questions, and leading your audience to make their own conclusions are among the storytelling tips shared at CMI by Kim Moutsos.

7. How to Analyze the Cause of a Ranking Crash

Your search rankings for an important webpage have tanked, and dragged down your organic traffic along with them. What should you do? Jeremy Knauff helps troubleshoot and course-correct.

8. 4 Ways to Make Your B2B Marketing Videos Social-Ready

If you’re creating video content, there are a few simple steps you can take to optimize for social feeds. Sagefrog CEO Mark Schmukler offers guidance on getting your social videos seen.

9. What the Numbers Say About Mobile’s Place in B2B Marketing

It’s important to account for the mobile experience in all your marketing efforts, of course. But as John Reese of Mavenlink writes, we should be especially mindful of particular points in the customer journey.

10. 8 Content Distribution Ideas to Meet Your Brand’s Goals

The way you distribute your content should align with what you hope to get out of it. Alli Berry presents eight objective-based content distribution tactics.

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