What’s Trending: Rise of the Micro-Influencer

May 27, 2019

If your company is thinking big with influencer marketing, it might be best to think small when identifying candidates.

As these strategic programs continue to gain traction in the B2B world, marketers are coming to recognize that audience impact is more important than audience size. Identifying the right partner, who aligns with your brand’s purpose and holds powerful resonance with a tight-knit following, is far more valuable than simply tapping into a large yet irrelevant or unengaged audience.

In most cases, the ideal influencer is someone your customers can relate to directly — an industry expert or someone who shares the same job title/function. It’s more about precision than popularity. That’s why we see terms like “micro-influencer” and even “nano-influencer” becoming more common in the marketing lexicon.

“Why exactly are these types of influencers becoming more popular and sought after by big brands? In a nutshell, it’s all about the authenticity of these influencers and the engagement they conjure,” wrote Julian Baladurage at Forbes earlier this month.

There’s also the matter of accessibility. An influencer with a growing LinkedIn network, operating in a distinct niche and looking to grow her reputation, might be more eager to work with a brand in the same space. This sort of arrangement can be mutually beneficial, which is always the sweet spot.

For this week’s roundup of top trending content around the web, we begin by turning our gaze to the changing world of influencer marketing.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 7 Top B2B Influencer Marketing Trends for 2020

“Democratized influence” is one of seven focal areas highlighted by Lee Odden in his look forward. “Everyone is influential at some level and more brands are going to tap into the niche influence of the many, whether they are employees, customers, industry community members or traditional influencers.”

2. Looking for Industry Influencers? How a B2B Brand Built Its Own

At Content Marketing Institute, Cathy McPhillips shares the story of a clever, event-driven program from Lincoln Electric that turned makers into influencers.

3. Why Employee Engagement Matters To Marketers

Don’t discount the influence of your own employees. “Engaged and activated employees deliver more value both to the company and its customers,” writes Michael Brenner. “Who better to sing the praises of your organization than an employee who truly believes in the value of what you’re trying to achieve?”

4. The Mobile, Desktop Split May Have Stabilized at Roughly 60% – 40%

Interesting insight here via Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling, who points out that the percentage of mobile searches hasn’t changed much from two years ago. While a majority of users are browsing on smartphones, it doesn’t look like desktop will be totally obsolete any time soon.

5. User-Centric Optimization: 3 Ways to Improve Your Website Experience

Few things are more painful for marketers than a website that repels users and hinders conversions. These pointers from Rachel Costello will help you ensure yours is delivering a quality experience.

6. 10 of the Best Marketing Techniques for 2019

Hard to argue with this list from HubSpot’s Clifford Chi, who covers some of the most buzzworthy marketing tactics in the business. At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we’re all about No. 10.

7. 3 Types of Social Video That Work for Any Business

If you’re looking to create some video content for social media, you can’t go wrong with one of these three tried-and-true formats, courtesy of Melissa Burns.

8. Could Machine Learning Solve Attribution Challenges?

Seeking practical applications for emerging marketing technologies? Jennifer Videtta explains how machine learning might help illuminate full-funnel ROI.

9. 4 Key Lessons Content Marketers Can Take From Data Journalists

Turning data into stories is a key frontier for content marketers, because plotted numbers help validate  and clarify our narratives (numbers don’t lie!). Matt Gillespie offers up some great insight at Moz.

10. The Great Balancing Act: The Long and Short of B2B Marketing

“Marketing works best when it follows a long-term strategy, but the operating model must be based on short feedback loops,” writes David van Schaick.

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