What’s Trending: Strengthen Your Strategy

September 28, 2020

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Marketing is a highly strategic profession. We set measurable goals, keep a close eye on the metrics that matter most, and are constantly optimizing and improving performance. Every digital ad and every piece of content is part of our ingenious master plan.

That’s the ideal form of marketing. In practice, of course, things can get a little murkier. It can be hard to keep focused on strategy in a deluge of daily deliverables — to say nothing of the continued unrest and upheaval in the world at large.

So this week’s roundup is all about evaluating and rebuilding your strategy. Or, we should say, strategies plural: From content to conversion rate optimization to digital advertising. Read on for tips on setting smarter goals, measuring ROI more effectively, and a deep dive into B2B marketing strategy as a whole.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most Last Week:

1. How Important Is Personalization in 2020?

Don’t worry; Anita Brearton isn’t arguing in favor of generic marketing. But she does point out that the most granular audience personalization is no substitute for understanding what people genuinely want and need. Meeting people’s needs, especially in the current climate, is the way to earn their attention.

2. B2B Marketers Focused on Long Term Tend to Outperform the Competition

B2B marketing tends to go from campaign to campaign, a start-and-stop cadence that can sap momentum. Frank Strong argues in favor of ongoing, always-on efforts that drive greater results in the long haul.

3. 15 No B.S. CRO Tips to Create Blog Posts That Convert

Great content can bring your audience in, but can it move them to action? Alina Benny shares how to fine-tune your process to focus on conversion. My favorite tip: Sprinkle “social proof” (reviews, customer quotes) throughout your content.

4. Seven Important Metrics to Measure Content Marketing ROI

As Sumeet Anand observes in this article, only 43% of B2B companies measure content marketing ROI, which means the majority of us have catching up to do. This article can help you make a case for the business impact of your content.

5. Beyond the Editorial Calendar: New Rules of Content Strategy for 2020

What if your content could entertain, inform and persuade your audience regardless of how they encounter it, and in what order? Ashley Faus proposes a new way of thinking about your content strategy: Building a “content playground” for your audience.

6. How to Boost Your LinkedIn B2B Content Marketing Strategy

This quick read from Erica Perry has some valuable takeaways on keeping your brand voice consistent across company pages and personal pages, establishing a posting cadence, and more

7. Definitive Guide to Top B2B Marketing Strategies in 2020

Ready for a deep dive into B2B strategy? This article from Shelby Paolella is a data nerd’s dream come true, with plenty of research and cited sources to back up what she’s saying. From content to advertising to “conversational marketing,” there’s plenty here to help shape your Q4 strategy.

8. 5 Steps to a More Powerful B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Since marketers can never be too strategic, this post from Lee Odden is a fantastic follow-up to Shelby’s long-form post. Lee focuses on the essential components of content strategy here, with advice for the short and long term.

9. LinkedIn Retargeting Strategies: B2B Advertising for the Win

Retargeting is one of a B2B marketer’s most effective tools for moving an audience toward conversion. Lauren Crain digs into the techniques you can use on LinkedIn to make sure your brand stays at the top of your target audiences’ minds.

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