What’s Trending: Organize and Focus

February 17, 2020

The initial burst of enthusiasm from the New Year has run out. We don’t have any more major holidays for at least a month. Stores aren’t sure if it’s Easter season, St. Patrick’s season, or Discount Clearance Chocolate season. And for much of the U.S., the weather is gloomy and gray.

In other words, the mid-February doldrums are here, and if you’re not careful, they’ll suck the momentum out of the rest of Q1. It’s just too easy to cocoon up, do the bare minimum, and wait until the sun comes out again.

But you can beat the doldrums with renewed focus and clarity. Take time to organize and classify your content library for more effective repurposing. Rewrite your goals and KPIs to prove more value to your executive team. Create a mission statement that unites your content department with a shared, inspiring vision.

You will find guides for all of the above, and more, in this week’s trending content. Dive in, get moving, and you’ll be ready for a sunnier and more profitable spring.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. How to Build your Content Marketing Taxonomy

As your content library grows, organization and classification is an essential part of content marketing. Adam Torkildson explains how to create your own structure for keeping track of your assets.

2. 5 Ways a Content Marketing Mission Statement Can Improve Your Strategy

A few short sentences can help unite your marketing team with a singular vision. Ceillie Clark-Keane lays out the process that led WordStream to their mission statement. 

3. The Laziest Phrase in Content Marketing

Check out this quick read from Arik Hanson, in which he identifies “Check out…” as the laziest phrase in marketing, and (thankfully) suggests better alternatives.

4. How to Improve Your LinkedIn Campaigns

These brief tips from Ellie Hardinges can help you optimize your LinkedIn campaigns to reach a wider audience and boost conversions.

5. 4 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to the Business

It’s high time for content marketers to get serious about proving business value. Kim Moutsos offers four sample revenue-centric goals, explaining thoroughly how each one affects the bottom line.

6. The Future of Marketing: 5 Areas to Prioritize

Now that 2020 is finally upon us, we can start strategizing for 2030… and beyond. Sophie Vinograd says revenue, measurement, and personalization should be at the top of your list.

7. 6 Reasons Why More Content Isn't Better (It's Actually Worse!)

According to Brittany Berger, too much content can actually be a detriment to your marketing efforts — even if it’s high-quality content. She explains how to focus your efforts in this post.

8. How to Personalize B2B Marketing--Without Being Creepy

Personalization is a balancing act. Too little of it, and your content feels irrelevant. Too much, and it’s invasive. Shama Hyder explains how to offer unique value without turning off your audience.

9. 5 Ways to Humanize B2B Content Marketing

Speaking of personalization, this post from Josh Nite offers strategies to get closer to your audience by connecting on an emotional level.

10. Top Marketing KPIs that Every B2B Company Needs to Track

Dive deep into KPIs and metrics with this comprehensive post from Joydeep Bhattacharya. He covers what to measure, why each metric matters, and most importantly, how to keep track of the data.

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