What’s Trending: Summer Standouts

July 13, 2021

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From Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game to the Cannes Film Festival, this is a month for standouts to take the stage. The sun shines bright and top performers shine even brighter as we celebrate the heart of summer and turn our eyes toward the second half of 2021.

Is your brand ready to rise to the occasion? 

The past week’s most popular content for marketers includes tips for strengthening SEO impact, growing brand awareness, boosting engagement, improving customer retention, and more.

No matter which marketing objective is on the top of your list of midsummer priorities, you’re likely to find some helpful guidance through the expert advice and insights highlighted below. 

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most Last Week:

1. A Step-by-Step Strategy for B2B Pillar Pages

The fittingly named “pillar page” is a foundational component of most modern B2B strategies. Why? Because it benefits customers, companies, and search engines alike. The approach involves choosing a broad topic that is relevant to your business, creating an optimized piece of core content, and then developing auxiliary content (or clusters) to address various secondary keywords, questions, and subtopics relating to that core pillar. Moz’s detailed guide, courtesy of Carly Schoonhoven, offers a straightforward primer for putting this powerful SEO tactic into practice.

2. How To Use Content Marketing To Support B2B Customer Retention

Content marketing is often viewed as a relatively inexpensive means to build awareness and draw in potential customers. That’s definitely a key part of the value! But as Aaron Agius writes at Forbes, content marketing can also be a powerful driver of retention once customers have been acquired. He lays out some top goals for post-purchase content, and how to achieve them.

3. Mindful Marketing: 5 Uncommon Ways To Work With B2B Influencers

Standing out often requires being different. In this post on the TopRank Marketing Blog, Lane Ellis offers up a handful of ways to partner and collaborate with influencers that fall outside of the mainstream, from pre-release feature briefings to new social platforms to mentorship and beyond. Best of all, these ideas come from actual prominent influencers!

4. Here’s What B2B Content Works at Each Stage of the Funnel

Marketing Charts gathered findings from a new State of Demand Gen survey and shared key insights around content type effectiveness throughout the funnel. Find what’s working best for B2B tech marketers at each stage by clicking through or checking out the graphic below.

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5. How a Creative Marketer Rebranded a 200-year-old B2B Retailer During a Pandemic

If you’re looking for some energy and inspiration, you might enjoy reading this story of Sophie Hill and her creative efforts during a tumultuous time in spearheading the rebrand for a classic B2B hardware specialist brand, as shared by John McCarthy at The Drum. Hill speaks candidly about the challenges and lessons learned, and how she leaned on her non-traditional background to help grow the business by 10% in 2020.

6. 5 Tips for Building Stronger B2B Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

Looking to grow your brand’s reach and impact on the world’s largest professional network? Afiya Addision of The B2B Institute has you covered at Ad Age, providing five tried-and-true methods for gaining mindshare with your target audience on the platform. They’re drawn from the free LinkedIn Marketing Labs course, Using LinkedIn for Brand Awareness.

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