Your Content Can Generate Leads on LinkedIn, Here’s How

May 8, 2014

Today, more companies rely on content to inform, educate and inspire action than ever before. And while marketers are producing more top-notch content, many have found it increasingly difficult to reach the right audience needed to meet lead generation objectives critical to business success.

That's why we're excited LinkedIn Sponsored Updates have become a go-to solution for marketers looking to drive quality leads with content.

Since launching the product in July 2013, we have gathered insights on what works and doesn't work for marketers using Sponsored Updates. Today, we are sharing those insights with you via a new resource -- the LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Guide for Lead Generation.

This guide was written for you, the content marketer who wants to learn how to use LinkedIn for lead generation. Get ready to discover how Sponsored Updates can deliver your content directly to the exact professionals you need to reach, in a place where they’re already interacting with professional content.

Download our new lead generation eBook and learn:

  1. Why social media drives leads
  2. How to drive quality leads with Sponsored Updates in four easy steps
  3. The types of content that work best for driving leads on LinkedIn
  4. Best practices for messaging, visuals and targeting for your Sponsored Updates campaigns
  5. How to track and optimize the elements of your campaign for maximum effectiveness

We hope the LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Guide for Lead Generation becomes a useful, handy reference for you and your team. If you enjoy it, feel free to share with colleagues and friends.

Interested in getting started with LinkedIn for lead generation right away? We’re here to help.