Your Guide to Creating the Optimal Mix of Thought Leadership Content

Illuminate your path to thought leadership success on LinkedIn

April 29, 2015

Three Types of Thought Leadership eBook Cover

With B2B buyers facing irrelevant information overload, thought leadership can truly stand apart by delivering relevant and helpful content marketing. Research shows that 74% of buyers choose the company that was FIRST to add value as they are defining their buying vision.

In our new Three Types of Thought Leadership eBook: Selecting the Optimal Mix of Thought Leadership on LinkedIn, we help prepare you to provide the first (and best) solution to suit your prospects’ needs and achieve thought leadership on LinkedIn. This guide will give you the foundational understanding you need to create a sound thought leadership strategy for your brand – one that allows you to play to your strengths.

Regardless of where your brand is in its journey to increased awareness and credibility, our new eBook can help you understand which of the following three types of thought leadership are right for you:

  1. Industry Thought Leadership (news, trends and the future) – This is about recalibrating current thoughts and trends with a fresh perspective.
  1. Product Thought Leadership (how-to content, best practices and strategy) – This is about sharing how your business or product can improve the lives of the audience you serve.
  1. Organizational Thought Leadership (company culture and talent development) – This is about conveying your organization’s vision in a way that gets consumers to rally around your brand.

Our latest eBook shines the spotlight on:

  • Real world examples of top companies, such as Kapost, Moz & Marketo who are building authority with their content on LinkedIn
  • The difference between the three main types of thought leadership: Industry, Product & Organizational
  • Actionable takeaways and quick wins on how to illuminate your thought leadership strategy
  • A step by step checklist to thought leadership success

Download our Three Types of Thought Leadership eBook for insightful quotes from some of marketing’s most visible thought leaders, making it a must-read for current and aspiring thought leaders alike.

Three Types of Thought Leadership eBook Cover