Solutions to meet your marketing objectives

See how LinkedIn can help with lead generation and branding.


Content marketing that delivers

Initiate, engage, and nurture relationships that are important to your business. With LinkedIn’s authentic, accurately targeted content solutions, marketers can actively influence purchase.

Sponsored Updates

Raise greater brand awareness, generate more quality leads, and promote deeper relationships with your audience. Reach LinkedIn members wherever they connect simply by sharing your Sponsored Updates in the world’s only professional feed.

Company Pages - your content hub

Share your most important content, from thought leadership to information about your products and services. LinkedIn Company Pages foster a global community of professionals following your brand and advocating on your behalf.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Highlight your individual brands and drive engagement with a dedicated page. Showcase Pages are extensions of your Company Page, designed for spotlighting a brand, business unit, or initiative.

"LinkedIn has enabled us to connect with quality audiences where they are having conversations in a professional context and engage them by participating in group discussions on the topics that matter most to these audiences."
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Linda Descano Managing Director and Head of Digital Partnerships, Content & Social, Citi

Targeted social media advertising solutions

Reach the most affluent, influential, and educated audience on social media.

Premium Display Advertising on Linkedin

Reach a high-quality professional audience seeking insights and information with our wide range of display ad formats. Our uncluttered, premium environment means your banner ads stand out even more on our social media platform.

Email marketing via Sponsored InMail

Discover a new way of doing email marketing with LinkedIn. Our Sponsored InMail messaging solution will deliver trusted, attention-grabbing content directly to members' inboxes. Our 60-day exclusivity ensures your brand has 100% share of voice.

PPC advertising in minutes

Drive new customers to your business with our easy-to-use, self-serve PPC ad platform. Now you can get your message in front of your audience in just minutes.

LinkedIn Audience
"50% of our paid inbound leads come from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is our most cost-effective online marketing channel."
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Matt Johnston Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at uTest

Extend social media marketing on and off LinkedIn

Amplify messages through the LinkedIn network, and extend quality traffic and data from LinkedIn to your sites.

Social sharing

Unlike traditional media vehicles, LinkedIn was designed for social engagement. Once published on LinkedIn, your content, advertising, and experiences work to reach specific audiences with relevant messages.

Authentic access

Leverage LinkedIn’s global professional platform across your other digital properties with a range of APIs and plugins. It’s a powerful way to deepen engagement with your audience and share relevant content on and off our network.

Quality traffic

Extend the quality traffic of LinkedIn professionals to your own branded sites. Embedding calls to action in your creative on LinkedIn ensures the flow of influential, affluent, and educated professionals to your other online properties.

"By implementing Sign in with Linkedin, Variety was able to engage potential registrants by creating a sense of community around the conference. It was an excellent tool to further market the conference and display the true caliber of our speakers."
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Jae Paik Director of Web Development at Variety