Social media has arrived as a content platform, delivering valued news, insight and information to 40% of professionals on an almost daily basis. That’s the key finding in a new study from LinkedIn and Millward Brown Digital that shows social is used as a professional content source more often than radio or newspapers, and almost as frequently as TV.  

In The Mindset Divide: Spotlight on Content, you’ll discover how professional content is increasingly taking centre stage and how social media means professionals now consume that content almost constantly. You’ll learn how to leverage this passion for professional content to build more powerful connections with your key audiences.  

Download The Mindset Divide: Spotlight on Content and discover:  

  • How to use LinkedIn and other social platforms to transform reach and engagement for content 
  • The importance of reaching professionals across multiple screens, at different times of the day 
  • How the social platform you use dictates your audience’s trust in and response to your content 
  • The full range of content types that professionals engage with 
  • How inviting comments and shares can transform effectiveness 
  • And much, much more

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