What's in and what's out in 2016 according to 5 industry leaders.

Raise your hand if you’re knee deep in 2016 planning. We thought so. 2016 will be here in a blink of an eye which means marketers are eager to get ahead of the curve on new trends and future challenges to continue to be pioneers, not followers.

To uncover what marketers need to know in order to prepare for in 2016 we posed five questions to five marketing pioneers at this year’s B2B Connect event in San Francisco.

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Featured Speakers

  • Alicia Dietsch
    Alicia Dietsch
    VP, AT&T Business Marketing Communications
  • Bryan Burdick
    Bryan Burdick
    Global Head of B2B, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • Monu  Kalsi
    Monu Kalsi
    VP, Head of Digital Marketing, Zurich North America
  • Russell Glass
    Russell Glass
    Head of Products, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • Mike Ward
    Mike Ward
    VP of Demand Generation, Workfront