Affluent Millennials across the UK will drive major changes within the finance industry. With considerable wealth this cohort of the population has money to manage and is actively looking for the best way to invest it. With so much access to knowledge, consumer reviews and global markets many institutions are struggling to reconcile the content and service demands of Millennials with regulatory requirements.

As Affluent Millennials’ incomes and investable assets grow, this powerful generation will uproot the business models and marketing strategies of today’s financial services providers and demanding tremendous change to the finance industry as a whole.

LinkedIn and Ipsos conducted a global study of 9,200 respondents in 10 countries to identify their preferences and behaviours regarding savings and investments, as well as their attitudes and beliefs about financial institutions. This report focuses on data gathered from a subset of 802 respondents in the UK. Valuable insights were revealed about how Affluent Millennials – those with more than £75,000 in investable assets (excluding property) will:

  • Reshape the future of the UK’s finance industry
  • Make sacrifices today in order to secure their financial future
  • Seek information from financial service providers and why you should begin strengthening relationships with them today

Download “Winning Affluent Millennials: How this new power persona is reshaping the finance industry” now for data and insights that will help to inform the way you target and serve Affluent Millennials.


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