Wealth Managers: Rethink Your Customer Journey

Do you know who your customers are? And are you in touch with how they feel about, and interact with, wealth management? The answers, it seems, are not what they were yesterday.

That’s because a radical change is taking place, driven by shifting wealth patterns, enhanced customer expectations and greater commoditization of entry-level products and services. If tech-savvy millennials are the HNWIs of the future, then no wealth manager can afford to be disengaged from the digital world.

Scratch’s Millennial Disruption Index reports that:

  • 71% of millennials would rather go to a dentist than listen to what banks are saying.
  • Nearly half are counting on tech start-ups to overhaul the way banks work.
  • Two-thirds expect that, within five years, the way we access our money will be totally different.

Disruption is reshaping all financial services sectors. Those who focus on the core elements of their customer experience and reshape their customer journeys to align with these new forces will be the most successful.

Our latest eBook presents research and insights from industry experts and signposts the tools that will help you transform your customer engagement strategy.

Download Rethink the Customer Journey: Wealth now to start your own journey towards more successful wealth management marketing.

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