Don’t believe the hype.

Millennials and Gen Xers making technology decisions for their businesses have more in common than you think.

New LinkedIn research reveals surprising generational alignment among today’s technology buying committee — as younger Millennials, older Millennials, and Gen X professionals hold increasingly influential roles along the path to purchase.

Our global survey of 5,470 budget holders, decision makers, influencers, and implementers illustrates how technology fosters a common language that spans generations.

What does this mean for technology marketers? Download the eBook to explore:

  • Why today’s buying committee is expanding and which functions oversee important technology purchase decisions
  • How younger and older Millennials are owning new roles as contributing members of the technology buying committee
  • Why gating content continues to be a challenge with decision-makers
  • What resources Millennials and Gen Xers consume along each stage of the purchase path

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