Finance Marketers: Deliver a Campaign That Makes A Difference

Increasingly, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are self-directed and question the value of any content they receive so retail banks can find engaging effectively with this audience to be challenging. Our latest case study Content Truly Can Be King demonstrates how ICICI Bank in India succeeded in delivering a highly targeted thought leadership campaign that achieved an all-time high engagement rate.

Through the partnership with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services in India, ICICI Bank delivered a campaign of fresh and original content which allowed it to:

  • Further expand reach and market share, in particular with HNWIs and young working professionals
  • Position ICICI Bank in India as a thought leader within the finance industry
  • Drive brand salience

In July 2015, ICICI Bank partnered with LinkedIn to leverage targeting solutions that helped ICICI Bank deliver a highly targeted and engaging campaign that achieved:

  • Engagement levels at 284% above LinkedIn benchmarks
  • 1st place for content marketing score on LinkedIn amongst all global banking brands
  • 7th most influential brand in India, across all sectors
  • 800,000 impressions both organically and through Sponsored Content for ‘best places to retire in India’ article
  • 4,058 new followers from the desired target audience
  • 80% additional value achieved for Earned Media

Download Content Truly Can Be King to find out more about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services can help your organization rethink its customer journeys.

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