What are ad agency leaders saying about the industry’s future?

How other ad agency executives are adapting to the fast changing digital world can be illuminating. At LinkedIn, we’ve interviewed agency thought leaders from such thriving agencies as Edelman, gyro, Mindshare, OMD, and Publicis to find out what’s working for them.

The highlights of these insightful Q&A’s are included in this guide, “The Global Agency Interview Collection.” We asked serious and lighthearted questions, and we found that, despite the change all around them, these agency leaders haven’t lost their capacity for deep insight — or their sense of humor.

Download “The Global Agency Interview Collection” to discover:

  • How the most successful agencies are adapting in these times of change
  • What’s the future of programmatic advertising
  • What’s the last show they binge-watched
  • How they leverage LinkedIn for marketing
  • How long they’d survive a zombie apocalypse

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