Small business owners (SBOs) are passionate about their craft and that’s how they want to spend the majority of their time. As a result, they want their customer journey to help their work/life balance, empower them to build a better business and for their business banking to be uncomplicated and stress free.

But what does a great SBO customer journey look like? Given the impact of technological advances and regulation changes, how do we translate this into our marketing plans?

We have developed an eBook Rethink the Small Business Owner Customer Journey which examines the pain points of small businesses, investigates the impact of these forces of change and considers how innovative companies are helping give customers their lives back.

Contributors include:

  • David Brear, CEO, 11:FS
  • Sigridur Sigurdardottir, Managing Director, Chief Customer and Innovation Officer UK, Santander
  • Pete Steger, Head of Business Development, Kabbage
  • Luka Ivicevic, Co-Founder & Head of Growth, Penta Bank
  • George Bevis, Founder & CEO, Tide

Download Rethink the Small Business Owner Customer Journey to find out more about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services can help your organization rethink its customer journeys.

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