Fundamentals of Advertising

on LinkedIn

Building a Content Marketing

Strategy on LinkedIn

Advanced Strategies

on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn for

Lead Generation

Ideal if you're just getting started with LinkedIn ads or want a refresher on the basics of the ads platform.  
  • Explore best practices for marketing on LinkedIn
  • Get tips on how to implement, optimize and measure utilizing LinkedIn's powerful targeting facets.
  • Campaign Manager overview

Ideal if you're looking to improve your content marketing efforts.


  • Learn how to map content to all stages of the funnel: from awareness to advocacy.
  • Learn strategies for effectively distributing content on LinkedIn.

Ideal if you're already familiar with LinkedIn ads and want to learn tactics to take your campaign to the next level.


  • Showcase possibilities to improve ROI when pairing LinkedIn products for impact.
  • Utilize Insights tag for retargeting and demographic information. 

Ideal if you're familiar with LinkedIn ads and want to learn more about lead generation.


  • Drive more qualified leads, opportunities, and ultimately revenue using LinkedIn. 
  • Optimize your demand generation efforts with conversion tracking

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