Ad Tech

Build better ad campaign management technology

Ad Tech APIs help you build, launch and manage LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns more efficiently and streamline ad campaign reporting.  Learn more here


Audience Management

Help advertisers target more effectively on LinkedIn and manage LinkedIn-sourced leads

Audience Management APIs let you integrate data captured through LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and target contacts from your platform as Matched Audiences on LinkedIn.  Learn more about Lead Gen Forms API endpoints here

Matched Audiences API endpoints are coming soon! To learn more, please apply below.


Marketing Analytics

Integrate powerful marketing insights into your application

Marketing Analytics APIs help you streamline LinkedIn campaign reporting, benchmark company performance and plan more effective media strategies.  Learn more here


Company Pages

Build better community and brand management technology

Company Pages APIs help you streamline LinkedIn page management, manage conversations and get brand insights on LinkedIn.  Learn more here


Why get access?

LinkedIn’s Marketing APIs enable developers to:

Build better technology

Delight your customers and gain a competitive advantage by connecting to LinkedIn through your application

Expand your reach

Manage and measure LinkedIn campaigns alongside your other channels within your marketing stack

Drive better results 

Help your customers save time and improve performance on LinkedIn


Get recognized

Once integrated, developers have the option of earning a LinkedIn Marketing Partner designation

How to Get Started


Review the API Documentation

Learn the requirements for integrating with our Ad Technology, Marketing Analytics, Audience Management and Company Pages APIs.


Create a Client ID

Generate a Client ID by creating an application here


Submit your application below

Tell us more about your business and product use cases


Getting Access

We will be gradually granting access to the Ad Tech, Marketing Analytics, Community Management, and Audience Management API programs and will review applications based on your fit and timing. If your application is approved we will email you with next steps. Please note, LinkedIn will not approve every application submitted.

Submit your application for API access

We are currently accepting applications to access our Ad Tech, Marketing Analytics, Community Management, and Audience Management APIs.

LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program Terms

  • Please read the entire LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program Terms carefully (“Program Terms”) since your use of our Ad Tech, Marketing Analytics, Community Management, and Audience Management APIs is contingent upon your agreement to these terms.

  • For questions about these terms please contact and include “LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program Terms” in the subject line


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