• Trends in Finance and Social for 2014

    Jennifer Grazel, LinkedIn's Global Head of Category Development - Financial Services showcased the key themes arising from FinanceConnect in New York and through two new pieces of research for SMB and High Net Worth in Australia, demonstrated how these themes translate for the Australian market.

  • Fireside chat

    • Julie Hamilton, Senior Manager, Digital Sales & Marketing, BT Financial Group
    • Hari Krishnan, Managing Director, LinkedIn Asia Pacific

    APAC Managing Director, Hari Krishnan led a conversation with one of Australia’s leading content marketing experts in the finance industry, Julie Hamilton of BT Financial. Julie demonstrated why companies should use content to build relationships with their customers and she explained what shapes a good content strategy and how can LinkedIn feature when it comes to engaging customers through content.

  • Using Content Marketing to Power Your Brand Strategy

    LinkedIn’s Head of Measurement, Valter Sciarrillo and LinkedIn’s Insights Analyst Ben Russell, showed how LinkedIn's content marketing tools; Content Marketing Score and Trending Content can be used by marketers to measure the effectiveness of their content to power a more effective brand strategy.

Trends in Finance and Social in 2014


Content Marketing to Power Your Brand Strategy