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Wondering how you can improve the ROI of your Sponsored Updates? LinkedIn advertisers using a certified partner to manage and track their campaigns are seeing results that are 20% above benchmark performance.

Through LinkedIn’s Certified Sponsored Update Partners, marketers can tap into a selection of third-party services and technology that can unlock greater campaign expertise, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Join LinkedIn’s Partner Enablement Manager, Jonathan Young to learn about the Certified Sponsored Updates Partner program, the benefits to marketers, and an understanding of what each partner offers.

Also hear from AdStage’s CEO and Co-Founder, Sahil Jain. AdStage provides powerful campaign tool to help you manage your Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored Content. Sahil will share client case studies, provide a live demo of the platform, and answer questions from the audience.


  • Sponsored Update Partner Program Overview
  • Partner Spotlight – AdStage: Case Studies and Demo
  • Q&A

Our Certified Partners Include: AdStage, BrandNetworks, Social.com (ExactTarget Marketing Cloud from Salesforce.com), SHIFT, and Unified Social.

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  • Jonathan Young
    Jonathan Young
    Partner Enablement Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • Sahil Jain
    Sahil Jain
    CEO & Co-Founder,