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Social media has become a key source of information for institutional asset managers and investors, as real-time insights have become a critical part of any informed investment decision. For finance marketers, this has a significant impact on how they can influence institutional investment decisions.

Learn from our distinguished panel of speakers from J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Greenwich Associates, and LinkedIn, as we discuss:

  • New research into how social media is being leveraged during the institutional investing process.
  • Implications for institutional investing and how asset managers are adapting to these trends.
  • Best practices and key opportunities to differentiate your brand and influence institutional investors on social media.

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  • Emily Friedman
    Emily Friedman
    Research Consultant
  • Ken Poliziani
    Ken Poliziani
    Managing Director, Head of Institutional Marketing
    J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Dan Connell
    Dan Connell
    Managing Director
    Greenwich Associates