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The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn is a one-stop shop for everything a marketer needs to know about getting the most value from LinkedIn for themselves and their company. It's not an instruction manual, but more of a strategic guide full of interviews and tips from marketing thought leaders combined with expert insights from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team.

Join Jason Miller, Senior Manager, Content & Social, for this exclusive webinar where you will learn:

  • Why LinkedIn is a necessary part of your business' integrated marketing strategy.
  • How to tap into LinkedIn's powerful marketing solutions including Company Pages and Company Updates, and gain value immediately.
  • How to expand the reach of your content marketing strategies by using LinkedIn to share relevant, targeted content to the world's professionals.

See real world examples and take away key insights on the tactics that Jason has implemented for social media marketing brilliance on LinkedIn.


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  • Jason  Miller
    Jason Miller
    Sr. Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions