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The Best of LinkedIn: How Brands Are Using the Platform to Win

We've saved the best for last in our “Succeed in 2015” webinar series. Everyone knows a great case study or example can do wonders for your marketing strategy inspiration – which is why we have curated a trove of them to share with you.

Join LinkedIn's content marketing expert, Deanna Lazzaroni, and Head of Measurement, Valter Sciarrillo, as they dive in and dissect how top brands are using the platform to achieve marketing goals.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What the 10 Most Influential Global Brands on LinkedIn are doing differently – and how to apply what's working for them to your efforts
  • How LinkedIn's Content Marketing Score (CMS) tool can help you measure the effectiveness of your content efforts on LinkedIn
  • Examples of brands effectively using LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Plus more!

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  • Deanna Lazzaroni
    Deanna Lazzaroni
    Content Marketing Manager
  • Valter Sciarrillo
    Valter Sciarrillo
    Head of Measurement