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Winning Affluent Millennials: How This New Power Persona is Reshaping The Finance Industry

Duration: 60 minutes


Watch this engaging webcast exploring our latest research “Winning Affluent Millennials: How This New Power Persona is Reshaping The Finance Industry”

A recent global study by LinkedIn & Ipsos of 9,200 Millennials in 10 countries examined the preferences and behaviors impacting the financial decisions of Affluent Millennials, that is those with more than $100,000 in investable assets, excluding real estate. The study and webinar will focus on 1,507 responses from the United States. It reveals valuable insights firms can use now to begin appealing to this powerful digital generation and capture their loyalty long into the future.

We will specifically address: 

  • How Affluent Millennials are dramatically reshaping the future of the finance industry.
  • What Affluent Millennials are doing to prepare for the future now.
  • What Affluent Millennials are looking for in a financial services provider and why it’s important to begin strengthening relationships with them today.

Featured Speakers

  • Guillermo  Morrone
    Guillermo Morrone
    Vice President, Head of Global Consumer Content Strategy
  • Marc  Karasu
    Marc Karasu
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Sachin Rekhi
    Sachin Rekhi
    Affluent Millennial & Entrepreneur
  • Donna  Sabino
    Donna Sabino
    Senior Vice President
  • Menaka Thillaiampalam
    Menaka Thillaiampalam
    Head of North America
    Financial Services Marketing
    Linkedin Marketing Solutions