The Sophisticated Marketer LIVE

Ever wonder what late night TV would look like with a B2B marketing spin? Wonder no more as LinkedIn Marketing Solutions content marketing leader Jason Miller hosts the first ever LIVE video webcast from the official LinkedIn studio. Get ready for a virtual insights-a-palooza as Jason welcomes three top B2B marketing experts to discuss the hottest topics on the minds of B2B marketers.

Special guests on The Sophisticated Marketer LIVE include:

  • Lauren Goldstein – VP of Strategy and Partnerships at Babcock & Jenkins
  • Russ Glass – Head of Product at LinkedIn
  • Justin Gray – CEO of LeadMD

Tune in as they take on the biggest questions facing B2B marketers:

  • What comes first, content or ROI? How do you know it’s paying off?
  • Good marketing begins with good data – but what if you don’t have it?
  • With 3,874 marketing technology solutions on a single slide – where does a marketer begin? And what are the best in class organizations doing?
  • What’s marketing got to do with Account Based Marketing?
  • When marketing and sales are aligned – who’s celebrating?
  • Does brand drive demand or is it the other way around?

Featured Speakers

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller
    Global Content Marketing Leader,
  • Lauren Goldstein
    Lauren Goldstein
    VP of Strategy
    Babcock & Jenkins
  • Russell Glass
    Russell Glass
    Head of Products
  • Justin Gray
    Justin Gray