3 Ways to Elevate Your Team's Social Selling in 2016

February 9, 2016


Every day, I work with incredible sales teams that are at the top of their social selling game -- both within LinkedIn and through our customers. Watching what sets these stellar teams apart from others, I’ve come up with a few top tips for elevating your own team’s social selling efforts in 2016.

Ask for insights and introductions. These top teams look closely at their mutual connections with potential leads and ask for introductions where appropriate. No target prospect is out of reach when you take advantage of the relationships your colleagues and connections have already built. Plus, those folks may have surprising insights to the person or organization you want to be connected to -- don’t hesitate to ask for their perspective and partnership in connecting you to your next great closed deal!
Take Action: Follow Darren Marble’s great step-by-step on using Sales Navigator to find common connections and request introductions.

Keep tabs on your Social Selling Index (SSI). The best teams not only know their team average SSI score, they individually compete for the top spot -- fueling internal competition on a metric that directly relates to their day-to-day social selling activities, and providing an ongoing conversation of successes throughout the quarter.
Take Action: Learn about what contributes to SSI score and create opportunities to recognize your sales team’s successes through this metric.

“We created leaderboards and correlated SSI to top performers – and integrated it with Salesforce. Managers can access dashboards and reports in Salesforce to see ROI and sales reps can use these to demonstrate their wins.” Phil Horn, VP Ticket Sales & Service, Sacramento Kings

Always be optimizing. The salespeople that seriously inspire me (folks like Paul Ratner, Bryce Nobles, Ali Powell, and LinkedIn’s very own Holly Proctor) are the ones that live and breathe a culture of learning: about their industry, their customers, and their optimal sales approach. These stars then go the extra mile, taking action on what they’ve learned to elevate the next conversation or step in their sales cycle.
Take Action: Encourage your team to share their own “I learned ______, so I ______.” statements as part of your regular meetings -- spread the knowledge and make optimization part of your team culture.

Whether you’re finding new roads to introductions and insights, spotlighting SSI or investing in learning, trying one or all of these tips is sure to elevate your own team’s sales efforts this year.