33 Social Selling Tips by Leading Social Selling Thought Leaders

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August 19, 2014


One of the biggest shifts in the current sales experience has nothing to do with the modern-day salesperson; the change lies within the mind of the prospect. Today's sales professionals are challenged most by a single factor: the educated buyer. Today's buyers are smart, knowledgeable and no longer look to salespeople to provide information. In fact, research shows that buyers typically complete most of the purchase process long before having any contact with sales. That's where social selling comes in.

Social selling is about using the data and information available online to create better relationships with your prospects and customers. Though the end results of generating revenue are still the same, the sales professionals must change their approach to meet the needs of today's buyers.

In this eBook, you will hear from some of the leading minds in social selling and learn how to optimize your online presence for the buyer, how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to prospect and sell socially, how to sell social selling to the executive team, and much more.

By applying these 33 tips to your own sales methodology and across your team, you will reduce inefficient cold calling, identify more qualified sales opportunities, and ultimately improve your overall sales goals.

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