4 Ways to Personalize Your Social Selling

Learn how you can personalize your social selling and maximize sales opportunities on LinkedIn with these four tips.

October 20, 2014


In the world of social selling, taking the extra step to provide a personalized experience for the prospect is essential. Sales professionals must strive to make personal connections as a starting point to build meaningful relationships with prospects.

But how effective are we in our attempts?

It can be easy to blast out email campaigns or assume a one-size-fits-all approach with your social sales strategy. But there’s not much personal touch in that and both you and your prospects are likely to be disappointed.

So, here are four ways to personalize your social selling:

1. Personalized InMails

Sending random, generic emails is never a good idea. Rather, you need to personalize your outreach to make a connection and jump start your relationship.

Statistics show that adding a personalized message to your connection requests increases your odds of success. In fact, 48% of B2B decision makers do not respond to sales professionals who don’t personalize their messages.

Ways to personalize your outreach include sharing connections, groups, or companies you have in common. Or go an even more personal route and connect on personal interests such as hobbies.

2. Behind-the-Scenes Content

Take the opportunity to make your prospect feel like you are going above and beyond for them.

Deliver a customized experience to your prospect by giving them relevant sneak-peek access to content that isn’t readily available on your website. From videos to demos and webinars, making them feel like it’s just for them can make a big difference.

3. Customer Success Stories

Have a great customer success story? Share it on LinkedIn. Case studies are always a great way to kill two birds with one stone: you demonstrate an ability to help your clients succeed, and you give those clients free visibility in the process.

Make it personalized to your prospect by highlighting parts of the case study that focuses on the same industry, pain point, or goals they are also trying to address. It can be a great way to initiate further conversation and build credibility that you can solve their challenges.

4. Updated Profile

One of the ways prospects learn about you is through your LinkedIn profile. In fact, adding a profile picture makes your profile 7x more likely to be viewed by others.

Go a step further and create a personalized experience by focusing on the solutions you provide and the end-benefits you help customers achieve. Instead of making it all about you and your skills, try speaking directly to the individual and how you can help them.

The right tools can help you deliver a personal connection. In fact, 87% of LinkedIn Sales Navigator customers said they have gained insights about their sales leads they would not have otherwise known.

From finding common ground, to delivering behind-the-scenes content, to highlighting customer success stories, the ability to provide a personalized experience is key to connecting with prospects.