Become a More Efficient Sales Pro with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce1 Mobile

November 19, 2013

 LinkedIn B2B Sales Salesforce1 application

Research shows that sales reps can save up to 30 minutes per day using CRM integrations and that effective use of sales intelligence can make a rep 17% more productive. Just imagine what adding mobile CRM integration between LinkedIn and Salesforce can do for a busy, always on-the-go professional. Well, we heard you and we're happy to announce the launch of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce1.

Salesforce1, the new fully optimized mobile CRM offering from Salesforce, is designed to streamline your CRM process for mobile updates and edits, making data entry at your desk more limited and maximizing how you spend your time, with less administration and more deal closing.  LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce1 provides a powerful addition to the platform by allowing access to LinkedIn right insides the mobile CRM system through quick and easy actions.

Top 5 ways to transform your productivity

1)   Never walk into a meeting cold.

While waiting in the lobby for your meeting, research every meeting participant for background, common connections and insights on subjects that are important to them.

2)   Connect immediately with people you meet at conferences. 

Don’t lose a great lead or connection by forgetting their name or losing their card.  If you see a lead speaking at a conference, look her up in your Salesforce Contacts, tap to see her LinkedIn profile and leverage the power of common connections or insights to make a connection.

3)   Tap co-workers or common connections for introductions.

Get a face-to-face introduction to prospects at networking events or conferences to open up that warm conversation.

4)   Send a message on the go.

Reach out to a contact to congratulate them on a recent promotion, stay in touch, or set up a meeting when you are traveling to their city.

5)   Jump on a hot opportunity or news event.

Send an InMail to an important prospect to make sure you are leveraging an up-to-the minute opportunity you discovered on LinkedIn or in the news such as a product announcement or a promotion while you're on the go.

Sales pros are constantly busy and during crunch times, like Q4, need an easy and instantaneous way to research, connect, and keep tabs on prospects and clients. Business today runs on a constant cycle of instantaneous information, creating an ever more challenging flood of information for salespeople to navigate.  Now, there's a better way to save time and drive more business with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce1.