25 Social Selling Experts to Watch at Dreamforce 2014

Dreamforce 2014 will provide amazing insights on social selling, marketing and sales alignment, and more. Here are 25 thought leaders to connect with.

October 14, 2014


“Dreamforce is half rock concert and half industry show. Anyone who hasn't been should absolutely go.” -- Steven Weber, Director of Research at DeMatteo Monness, LLC

It’s no doubt that Dreamforce 2014 will feature some incredible performances from the industry’s top “rock stars.”

To help you map your conference plan, we compiled a list of 25 sales thought leaders that will be crooning magical tunes of social selling, marketing and sales alignment, and sales strategies.

The bands are plugging in their amps and tuning their guitars. As you get your lighter…er, sorry…smartphone, in hand, make sure you have front row seating for these innovative entertainers.

Tony Robbins, Walter Rogers

Renowned speaker and trainer Tony Robbins will take the stage for the presentation “Sales Summit – Maximizing Sales Performance.” He and Walter Rogers, CEO at CloudCoaching International and Baker Communications, acknowledge that the number of distractions facing sales teams is unprecedented, and that it is the sales leader's job to keep their team focused on what matters most. Listen in as they showcase the best ways to maximize sales performance though training and coaching.

Ken Krogue

Founder of InsideSales.com, Ken will discuss the convergence of inside sales and social selling in his presentation, “Inside Sales and Social Selling for Extreme Results.” Discover the research, tips, and best practices his company is pioneering and observing in the top sales forces.

Jill Rowley, Koka Sexton

Jill Rowley, a self-professed social selling evangelist, and Koka Sexton of LinkedIn, will be teaming together on a presentation dedicated to social selling. They will help you learn how to leverage social selling for better engagement, relationship building, and sales success.

Craig Rosenberg

Cofounder at TOPO and the Funnelholic.com, Craig is part of a team of panelists that will help you “Triple Your Revenue with a Dedicated Sales Development Team.” The group will cover tactical tips for implementing and improving your top line revenue through a sales development team.

Jill Konrath

Author of Agile Selling and SNAP Selling, Jill will lead the presentation called “Competitive Edge in Today’s Sales World.” She and her panel will reveal the sales skills you need to stay on top of your game and gain that competitive edge for which you constantly strive.

Joanne Black

Author, speaker, and referral sales expert Joanne Black will be part of the “Competitive Edge in Today’s Sales World” presentation. She will share in a lively discussion around fresh strategies you can leverage to develop individual and team sales mastery.

Joe Galvin

Chief Research Officer and EVP at MHI Global, Joe Galvin will give us an in-depth look at the current state of Sales Operations and peer into the future of the often misunderstood sales operations role in his presentation, “Thought Leadership: Current, Future Sales Ops.” 

Josiane Feigon

Josiane Feigon is a bestselling author, speaker, and futurist on inside sales 2.0 trends. She will be a panelist on the “Competitive Edge in Today’s Sales World” presentation, providing insight on how to master individual and team sales.

Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson, B2B mid-market sales growth expert and social selling speaker, will cover “5 Strategies to Make You More Productive.” In this fast paced, interactive session, Lori will cover the top five strategies guaranteed to reduce stress from poor planning and how to start generating meaningful, long-lasting results every day.

John Barrows

Sales Trainer at j.barrows, LLC, John Barrows will be an active part of the discussion in “Triple Your Revenue with a Dedicated Sales Development Team.” This presentation will focus on tactical tips for implementing and improving your top line revenue through a sales development team.

Brian Frank, Jeff Serlin

Join Brian Frank, Vice President of Global Sales Operations at LinkedIn, and Jeff Serlin, Vice President of Sales Operations at Marketo, as they describe their vision for capitalizing on mobile, social, and predictive analytics technologies to deliver new levels of sales performance. Don’t miss “Social, Mobile, and Predictive Selling: New Thinking From LinkedIn, Marketo & C9.”

Jason Miller, Kyle Lacy  

Join Kyle Lacy from ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Jason Miller from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions as they show us how marketing team dynamics are changing and impacting team success. They will cover the new skill sets required for effective hiring, change management within marketing, and much more in their engaging presentation “The Collaborative Future of Technology and Marketing Leadership.”

Mark Hunter, Anthony Iannarino

High-profile sales influencers Mark Hunter, a.k.a. The Sales Hunter, and Anthony Iannarino of SOLUTIONS Staffing will present on “5 Mission-Critical Requirements to Establishing Value & Increasing Revenue.” As an added engaging element, they will open the floor for an interactive, social media-driven audience Q&A.

Hugo Sarrazin and Lareina Yee

Hear from McKinsey thought leaders Hugo Sarrazin and Lareina Yee on the latest insights on sales transformation trends, best practices and growth opportunities in “Sales Summit - MegaTrends: Shaping the Future of Sales.”

Brent Adamson

Join Brent Adamson, Managing Director of Advisory Services at CEB, for a deep dive into the strategies for creating and driving consensus to deliver the highest revenues. Make sure to catch “Sales Summit - Creating Customer Consensus.”

Polly Sumner

Polly Sumner, salesforce.com's Chief Adoption Officer, will be joined by panel experts in “Sales Summit -The Top-line in Sales Leadership.” She will address tough issues like striking a balance between making this quarter's number and planning for the future. How do you manage to deliver in the short-term while keeping an eye on account development for the long-term? Discover these answers and more.

Wayne McCulloch

Wayne McCulloch, Senior Vice President at Salesforce.com, will demonstrate how planning your adoption strategy is like preparing for the Ironman — it’s all about making the smart decisions that lead to success. Make sure you catch “Cross the Finish Line: An Ironman Strategy for Driving Adoption Through Training.”

Erik Charles

Erik Charles, Principle Incentives Strategist at Xactly, will tell us “5 Things you Need to Know About Managing Sales Managers.” Check out this presentation and learn how to leverage big data to make more strategic decisions around hiring, managing, and promoting your people.

Eric Berridge

Bluewolf CEO Eric Berridge tackles the issue of disruption in his presentation, “Digital Disruption: The New Rules of Customer Engagement.” You will learn how to unleash a business from outdated technology and drive engagement in a new mobile world.

With a lineup like this, where else would you rather be October 13-16? If you’re ready to catch an unforgettable live show and learn from the best in sales, marketing, and social selling we’ll see you at Dreamforce.