How LinkedIn Contacts Will Help You Build Relationships With Prospects

December 2, 2013

Sales Situation #1

Your prospect just changed jobs. Job changes mean you've got work to do. Did your contact just get a promotion? Did you just lose a big advocate at a major account? Did your prospect move to a company that doesn't use your services? Either way, you need to know as soon as it happens. Send the prospect a note congratulating them, then figure out what their move means for your strategy. LinkedIn Contacts can send you an email daily to keep you informed of any job changes.

Sales Situation #2

Your prospect just got quoted in the press. LinkedIn Contacts will let you know when one of your contacts was mentioned in the news. What does this mean for a salesperson? First, it’s a great reason to reach out and say congrats on the coverage (if it’s positive) or it can give you clues to what is happening in their business. It could potentially be a great topic of conversation for the next meeting.

Sales Situation #3

It’s your prospect’s birthday. Everyone loves their birthday. LinkedIn Contacts will tell you when it is someone’s birthday in your network. It’s easy, simple and a great reason to reach out.

Sales Situation #4

You just got an email from a prospect, but you can’t remember where you left off.  After syncing LinkedIn contacts with your calendar and email, it will display your most recent conversations and meetings with your connection on their profile. It gives you instant context for every contact without digging through your email or calendar. This will help you respond faster and be more relevant.

Sales Situation #5

You just got a call from an old prospect, but you can’t remember how you met. A quick look at their profile will tell you, since LinkedIn Contacts lets you keep private notes about how you met all of your connections. Keeping this information outside of your CRM will help you keep track of your relationship even after you leave your current company.

All of the above mentioned scenarios could happen while you're on the road. Access the same functionality on the go through the LinkedIn contacts app on IOS.

 These sales situations aren't new, but before LinkedIn, the time it would take to keep such a close eye on your prospects made the task nearly impossible. Now you can instantly get access to the right information on your prospects at the right time, across your entire professional network.

NOTE: LinkedIn Contacts needs to be turned on and will add additional functionality. Go to to sign up and learn more.