7 Secrets to LinkedIn Sales Success

May 15, 2014


Gone are the days of cold calling—from the salesperson to the prospect—closing the deal. Today, savvy salespeople are turning to social media to tap into information and use it to engage with prospects in a way that catches their attention. These salespeople are proving themselves as thought leaders by sharing up-to-date reports, insights and perspectives on your industry.

This practice isn’t new. Prospecting is inherently social, but now it’s all taking place online, where salespeople have way more information about each potential prospect than ever before. Social networking is something that sales professionals have done for decades. The only difference now is that the Rolodex has been replaced with a LinkedIn app on your smartphone.

LinkedIn offers salespeople the tools and opportunities to connect in a more personalized way and gain audience trust to realize social selling success. But before you can master using LinkedIn for sales, you first need to understand the basics.

In the eBook "7 Secrets for LinkedIn Success," you'll learn:

  • What social selling is
  • Why you should use LinkedIn for social selling
  • How to use social networks for sales
  • 7 ways to get started using LinkedIn for sales