Announcing the Insider’s Guide to Sales Navigator

Learn how LinkedIn Sales Navigator supercharges social selling in our new eBook, featuring advice from LinkedIn power users and social selling thought leaders.

June 16, 2015


LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for salespeople. Over 350 million professionals use LinkedIn to make connections and advance their careers, which makes it the ideal network for social selling. In fact, salespeople who practice social selling on LinkedIn have more opportunities and are more likely to make quota.

As useful as LinkedIn is for sales, it wasn’t built specifically for salespeople. That’s where LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes in. Sales Navigator is a social selling platform designed from the ground up with selling in mind. It helps sales teams leverage LinkedIn’s professional network to find high-quality leads, make connections, engage with insights, and create lasting relationships with prospects. Sales leaders from organizations across industries are discovering the potential Sales Navigator has to supercharge their teams’ social selling efforts.

To help you realize your sales team’s full potential, we created The Insider’s Guide to Sales Navigator. In it, you will find best practices to get the most out of the platform, along with advice from power users and real-world case studies that demonstrate how companies are using Sales Navigator to transform the way they sell.

Download the Sales Navigator guide, and learn how to:

  • Streamline and automate high-quality lead generation
  • Send messages that reach the previously unreachable
  • Be the first to know about actionable trigger events
  • Build trust with prospects and clients
  • Integrate your CRM for seamless account management
  • Increase warm outreach opportunities using TeamLink

If your sales team is already using LinkedIn for social selling, they’re off to a good start. Download the Insider’s Guide to Sales Navigator and discover how this sales tool can empower your sales team to engage the modern decision maker.