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  • LinkedIn Water Cooler

    The Water Cooler: Do Executives Read Different Articles than Workers Do on LinkedIn?

    December 19, 2019

    For this edition of the Water Cooler, we wanted to see if executives are engaging with different articles than the people who report to them. So for the month of November, we examined which articles professionals who have the title of Director or above are engaging with on LinkedIn compared with what professionals who have titles below Director are engaging with...

  • LinkedIn Water Cooler

    The Water Cooler: Are Carpenters and Other Tradespeople Reading Different Articles on LinkedIn than Bankers and Other Businesspeople?

    November 26, 2019

    LinkedIn has more than 660 million members around the globe and counting. The first workers to embrace LinkedIn have been businesspeople or knowledge workers. Salespeople, marketers, bankers, consultants, architects, and similar professionals have been the first wave to become LinkedIn members. Now, however, the number of carpenters, plumbers and other...

  • LinkedIn Water Cooler

    The Water Cooler: Are Salespeople and Marketers Reading Different Articles on LinkedIn?

    October 30, 2019

    Getting sales and marketing on the same page is an enduring problem for business. Or is it? Sales and marketing appear to be extremely aligned when it comes to the articles they engage with on LinkedIn. For this month’s Water Cooler, we examined the top 10 articles engaged with by salespeople and the top 10 articles engaged with by marketers in September. The...

  • Water Cooler: Men and Women

    The Water Cooler: Do Men and Women Read Different Articles ...

    September 26, 2019

    LinkedIn’s 645 million members have many differences. They work in different industries, in different jobs, and in different countries...

  • social-selling-industries-post

    Investigating the Truth About Social Selling by Industry

    September 20, 2017

    Innovation is top of mind for sales leaders and one way to find inspiration is to scope out strategies popularized by other industries...