How Genesys Delivers Clear and Compelling Results with Sales Navigator

January 29, 2019

Salespeople Learning About Digital Sales Strategy

Proof. In the justice system, it’s considered a burden. In sales, it’s a blessing.

When sales managers can offer clear proof to executives that their tools and methods are effective, they earn the buy-in and support necessary to grow those initiatives. By continually investing, analyzing, and optimizing, you can build an unstoppable selling machine.

That’s how customer experience platform Genesys has been able to enhance its digital sales strategy on LinkedIn over the past few years.

Proving the Merits of a Digital Selling Strategy on LinkedIn

Today, it’s increasingly common to see companies gaining sophistication in the way they measure impact, influence, and attribution in their sales operations. Genesys is one such company, and through its methodology, was able to determine that 63% of total revenue in 2017 was influenced by digital selling. Additionally, Genesys has certified over 30 Account Executives of effective Social Selling Techniques & Practices.

Those kinds of numbers made it easy to build a case for further investment in Sales Navigator, which powers the company’s digital sales strategy.

“It’s really important, obviously, to report up to our executive leadership and justify the money that we spend on the program and the licenses,” says sales enablement manager Laura Bowers. “We just renegotiated our contract and decided to move to the upper-tier Enterprise which we're really, really excited about.”

Bowers and her team are looking forward to reinforcing the practices that are driving this success. And at the crux of their strategy, she says, is embedding effective behaviors in reps.

Building a Digital Selling Culture with Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is only a tool. Achieving stellar results requires the know-how to use it, throughout the sales force. That’s been a key focus for Genesys, which provides training and resources to help reps maximize the platform. Incentivization is also a central component.

“We actually have a Social Selling Certification that we’ve built out,” Bowers says, adding that sellers who complete certain milestones (such as saving advanced searches and building PointDrive presentations) earn perks like badges on their profiles, swag, and even LinkedIn recommendations from executives.

This system has helped spur enthusiastic adoption. Another factor that contributes, especially with traditional sellers on the team who are more resistant to change? Proving the value.

“You can throw videos and training at them but if they don't see the value in doing it, chances are they're probably not going to do it,” Bowers explains. “So everything we do, we really try to say, ‘Hey, this is a value-add to you, this will help you be more effective, it doesn't take a lot of your time, it will help you save time.’ ”

“So just kind of allowing them to show you the way that they're currently doing things, and then showing them ways that they can work smarter and faster.”

A Proven Sales Approach for the Future

With a highly productive operation where digital selling influences nearly two-thirds of revenue, Genesys is a prime example of modern sales in action. The firsthand results have been proof enough for reps who are using Sales Navigator on a daily basis.

“If we tried to take this tool away from them there would literally be an uproar in the sales organization,” Bowers says.

Those results were also proof enough to justify an upgrade to Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition. Bowers points to TeamLink extend licenses and increased InMail credits as features her team is eager to take advantage of.

“I think the number one reason we're investing is because we can show the ROI on it.”

For more proof of Sales Navigator’s impact, and examples of other companies that are taking digital sales strategy to the next level, find more customer success stories.