Channel Your Inner Chekov with Sales Navigator

In the Star Trek lore, Pavel Chekov expertly navigated the Enterprise through some difficult situations. See how Sales Navigator can be your own Chekov.

April 26, 2014


To celebrate the upcoming East Coast Trekkie convention in New Jersey (#TREKNJ), we'll pay homage to the great Pavel Chekov -- the U.S.S. Enterprise's original navigator. Broken English notwithstanding, his course projections and scientific analysis got the Enterprise out of some difficult situations. Chekov rose through the ranks as the series (and subsequent movies) went on, but never lost his love of home -- or his interest in mathematical/quantitative analysis.

Chekov's traits can also be applied to your own navigation skills with Sales Navigator. Here are some ideas to channel your inner Chekov:

Course heading, Captain?

In the Star Trek world, navigators set the ship's course, and also utilize navigational sensors to determine the positions, speeds, and trajectories of other objects. Chekov worked in tandem with Chief Helsman Hikaru Sulu to maneuver the Enterprise along its initial five-year mission of exploration.

Plotting your sales trajectory requires an equal amount of quantitative and qualitative analysis. If you’ve already set a course for prospect engagement, here are some Sales Navigator strategies to maintain your heading:

  • Condense several disparate lead generation sources into one all-encompassing database
  • Utilize multi-threading to engage contacts in multiple departments
  • Target 3rd degree connections to provide further opportunities

We have found the nuclear wessel.

Chekov often served as the temporary science officer on Enterprise in Commander Spock's absence, using his talents in data analysis to provide thorough reports. Early in the show, Chekov demonstrated an encyclopedic knowledge of various energy-producing creatures, prompting the ship’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. McCoy to respond: “not the whole encyclopedia, Chekov.”

The wealth of available insights within Sales Navigator allows you to be granular and targeted. By integrating Sales Navigator with your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, you can keep track of your prospect’s latest updates and changes. This can be critical if your contacts leave the company – that multi-threading approach helps keep the conversation flowing.

Ensign authorization code: nine-five-wictor-wictor-two!

Chekov dealt with a few issues stemming from his thick Russian accent -- the actors who played Chekov (Walter Koenig and Anton Yelchin) specifically focused on the character’s inability to pronounce the letter “V.” However, Chekov was still able to communicate well with other Starfleet members -- and eventually captain his own ship. This plays to the character’s innate leadership and adaptation skills.

If you're not speaking the same language as your prospect, then you'll need to adapt to ensure efficient communication. Even if the translation is a tad clunky, the prospect must understand your meaning. Sales Navigator’s daily alerts can keep you informed when the prospect talks about relevant topics – and they can provide direction if you’re having trouble communicating on the same wavelength.

Pavel Chekov’s navigation and scientific skills helped the Enterprise crew survive some harrowing situations – and his leadership skills earned him the respect of his crewmates. By channeling Checkov in your Sales Navigator plans, you can ensure that your strategy doesn’t get sidetracked from the mission. Follow @LinkedInSelling for more sales strategy insights.