Creating a Winning Social Sales Strategy

Develop an optimized social sales strategy to become a thought leader and a better sales professional.

January 28, 2016


In our last post, we recommended some ways to build a fully optimized social sales profile. We offered tips on what kind of photo to use, how to write your headline, and how to deliver an engaging summary that invites action. We also discussed basic outreach tips. In this post, we’ll show you how to take your social sales strategy to the next level.

Think Big: Aim for Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is the brass ring of social sales. As a thought leader, your opinions are heard—and your influence resonates. Gather a following—and new business practically floats your way.

1. Be Clear You Want It

First, set your intention and identify the area of leadership. Thought leadership can take time.

2. Earn Participation Points

Join LinkedIn groups and participate in their discussions. Answer questions—without referring back to your company at every turn. You’re much more likely to be bolstered by the group’s moderator and appreciated by other group members this way.

Be generous. Share relevant blog posts and insights by industry leaders. When you do share, make sure to add your own take. Comment on industry news and trends, widening the focus to include more than just your company’s immediate space.

Be genuine, too. People can smell insincerity quickly, even in a saturated social space. People remember.

Ask yourself before you comment: “Am I contributing value to this conversation?” If not, take a step back and think about how you’d act in an in-person conversation. How can you bring a similar energy to this virtual space?

3. Stay

You want to a) actively listen, b) thoughtfully contribute, and c) stay. Simple formula, right?

For many sales professionals, staying in the conversation is the hard part. Maybe you check into your groups daily, maybe weekly. Until you develop the habit, calendar reminders for yourself. In reality, contributing can require just a few minutes of your time—so long as you keep checking in.

4. DIY

Outside of a group, you can use publication tools like Buffer and Sniply to push your content. Pull an industry statistic, write a short commentary on a news items, or blog about a new client challenge. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of writing! Play to your strengths and listen to feedback to gain important sales insights into the concerns of your audience. If you have a particular target in mind, why not tackle an issue you know is specific to their needs? If you’re on point, connections will get to know your name over time.

It’s never too late to optimize your social selling strategy. Every informed action your take as a social seller is a step in the right direction, even if the results aren’t immediate.

Start with 15 minutes a day, set goals, and meet them. Remember: you’re playing a long game, so be present and patient.