Crossing the Chasm: Capitalize Early on the Social Selling Trend

Social selling is still in the early phases of adoption. Make the leap now and get better results than the laggards. Our new eBook can help you get started.

October 28, 2015


In the late 1990s, Blockbuster was at the top of the video rental industry—an industry they had essentially created. When a company offered to sell Blockbuster its new way of renting videos, Blockbuster turned them down. What they had always done was still working. Why innovate? And what kind of a name was “Netflix,” anyway?

Everyone knows how the story ends: Blockbuster went bankrupt and Netflix currently rules the video world. Even though Blockbuster had a strategy that worked at the time, they failed to adapt to changes in the industry, which left an opening for innovators to take risks and reap rewards.

When it comes to social selling, is your organization a Blockbuster or a Netflix? Make no mistake; changes in buyer activity are causing just as big a disruption in the sales profession as the video rental industry experienced. Are you waiting to see how the trend plays out, secure in your status quo? Or are you ready to make a leap forward, pull ahead of the competition, and have your program fully in place while they’re struggling to catch up?

Our new eBook, Crossing the Chasm: How to Capitalize on the Social Selling Trend, was written to help sales leaders take an intelligent risk and strategically adopt social selling. If your social selling initiative has already begun, the eBook will help you make your processes repeatable and scalable. If your upper management is still resisting change, the eBook has the facts you need to make a compelling case.

Read the eBook for these real-life examples:

  • How PTC gained executive alignment to make their transformation
  • How SAP educated their sales teams to make the transformation stick
  • How Symantec drove adoption and measured ROI with the Social Selling Index
  • How Microsoft’s comprehensive social selling program made it an industry leader

In addition to these practical case studies, you will find LinkedIn’s own blueprint for social selling success. It’s the program LinkedIn’s internal team uses to get results for our clients, now available for you to put to work at your organization.

Crossing the Chasm: How to Capitalize on the Social Selling Trend provides the proof that social selling works, advice from experts on how to make the switch, and a blueprint for success. The only thing missing is sales leaders who are ready to champion the cause and drive meaningful change in their organizations.                                                                                                                                                         

Make the leap today and download Crossing the Chasm: How to Capitalize on the Social Selling Trend.