How Televerde and Sales Navigator Help Lay Groundwork for Rebuilding Lives

Televerde is a sales and marketing company with a greater mission of social good. Sales Navigator is proud to partner with them in providing a second chance.

October 24, 2017

“Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things.”

Televerde, a LinkedIn customer, is an example of a company creating hope for individuals.

Adjusting on the outside after years spent behind bars can prove extremely challenging for even the most capable and determined individuals. According to one study, 76 percent of former prison inmates said finding work was “difficult or nearly impossible,” and two out of three reported being unemployed or underemployed five years after being released.  

With numbers like that, our country’s recidivism epidemic – the tendency for convicted criminals to reoffend and return to jail – can feel like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Phoenix-based Televerde is on a mission to break this troublesome trend by helping formerly incarcerated women find opportunities in sales and marketing. The company relies on Sales Navigator to help these women be successful.

Learn about the story of Erin Ford in the video below:

As Televerde CEO Jim Hooker states, the national return-to-prison rate is 68 percent but for those working with Televerde, it is only 6.1 percent. Ford is one of many success stories who has found a natural fit in sales, and she credits Sales Navigator with helping her gain footing in an unfamiliar field.

“I use LinkedIn constantly to build out my lead list,” she explains, adding that the tool is indispensable for uncovering effective ways to engage and share relevant content with the right prospects. Sales Navigator aligns with Televerde’s personalized and consultative approach that focuses on building and nurturing strong relationships.

“I don’t really know how I would do my job successfully without it today,” she adds.

For Erin and many who’ve been in similar positions, an opening line from The Shawshank Redemption rings true. Hope can mean everything.

At LinkedIn, we’re committed to providing economic opportunity to every member of the global workforce, including ex-offenders who wish to rebuild their lives. As such, we’re proud to have companies like Televerde among our customers.

It’s an honor to partner with them in offering the means for a fresh start and a fulfilling career. For someone seeking a second chance, those are good things -- maybe the best of things.

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