Sales Navigator: The Tool I Didn’t Know I Needed [Case Study]

Guardian Life rethinks the way they connect with clients, with help from Sales Navigator.

December 19, 2017

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As one of the top-producing financial advisors at Guardian, a global financial services company,  I had my processes and my client relationships set in stone. Relying mainly on referrals to grow my business, I thought I had it all figured out. But as they say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Lately, many of my fellow advisors at Guardian (myself included) found that referral networks from current contacts were tapping out. We were purchasing lead lists, but – with little personal information about the contacts – those lists came up short. That’s when Guardian rolled out Sales Navigator, a sales tool from LinkedIn.

I’ll be honest, as a top performer, I was a little skeptical. But what I learned was that Sales Navigator could drastically change the way I approached sales.

Leaving the traditional prospecting methods behind

At Guardian, we work very closely with our clients to put together financial plans that will protect their future. In our industry, the work we do directly impacts our clients’ lives, so it’s important to build trust and create meaningful connections and networks.

So when Guardian first adopted Sales Navigator, we started with some of the features that quickly let you build stronger, more meaningful connections with prospects: lead recommendations and real-time sales updates. Different from lead lists available for purchase, Sales Navigator’s lead recommendations give you a snapshot into a person’s interests and contacts, so you can see what you have in common – it’s a gateway into an automatically warmer introduction.

When I have a meeting coming up, I print out a list of 10-15 of the person’s contacts. Before Sales Navigator, we might have asked that person, “Who do you know that we can talk to?” But now, we can present the list and say, “I know you’re connected with these 15 people that are right in my niche market. Who can you eliminate? Who can you help me get in front of? What can you tell me about them?” Not only does it make the whole process of getting introductions that much easier, but I’m expanding my network in a smarter, more targeted way. I’ll never go back to the “old days” of traditional prospecting!

From connections to clients

Sales Navigator’s lead recommendations were an instant draw for me. But that’s not the only thing that changed my sales strategy. I discovered a number of other tools within Sales Navigator that have helped me make more, and better, connections.

Real-time sales updates and the ability to follow leads with the click of a button has been a game-changer for me. Now, I save existing clients or prospects in Sales Navigator, so anytime they publish a piece of content – no matter what publication – or have a change in their career, I get a notification. It’s a nice reminder and gives me a reason to reach out and build stronger connections.

In fact, I recently gained a new client thanks to Sales Navigator. I was alerted that a lead of mine had left her company and gotten a new job. I didn’t know her directly, but it was a perfect moment to reach out about making financial plans with Guardian. She agreed to a call with me, and, because I looked at her connections, I was able to mention some mutual acquaintances. It made for a more relaxed conversation, and she ended up transferring her old 401(k) to me to manage, as well as offering up some insurance and financial planning work. It was any Guardian advisor’s dream!

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