Favorite Features in Sales Navigator from Real Users [Video]

Sales leaders explain their favorite Sales Navigator features, and how they help their teams achieve success.

March 26, 2018

Sales Navigator Success Stories

We all have sales collateral at our disposal. Whitepapers, spec sheets, and buying guides all serve a purpose, but when it comes down to it, most of us want to hear from people who actually use the product before committing to buy.

If you’ve done some reading on LinkedIn Sales Navigator but yearn to know what real users like best about it, this post is for you.

PointDrive Provides Useful Insight into Activity

When you send information by email, you’re often left wondering. Did they get my message? Did they open it? Read it? Click the link? Open the attachment? And if so, did they share it with anyone? Even when you’re confident about having used the correct email address, overactive junk mail filters may delay or prevent receipt.

When you use PointDrive, you can be confident your materials reached your intended viewer. PointDrive allows you to quickly create personalized web pages to share sales and marketing material. This creates a centralized, clean, organized experience for readers and sales teams alike. When people engage with the page, PointDrive generates insight into the page activity. You’ll know precisely who was interested in what, making it much easier to engage potential buyers contextually. And as you’ll see in the video below, companies can capitalize on PointDrive for streamlining and contextualizing internal communications, too.

TeamLink Helps You Find Your Best Path to a Lead

In sales, relationships typically determine whether conversations between seller and prospective buyer take place, and how quickly. A thoughtful introduction from a shared connection whom your prospect trusts can make all the difference when it comes to converting a sales prospect to a bona fide opportunity. This is where TeamLink shines.

TeamLink allows you to extend the reach of your network to include the connections of others in your organization. With visibility into the networks of fellow coworkers, company executives, and board members, sellers gain access to more warm-path opportunities to connect with decision-makers at their target accounts.

Lead News and Lead Alerts Save Time and Ensure You Don’t Miss a Thing

We’d like to know all the goings on at our leads and target accounts. Finding time to “stay current,” however, can be tricky. Lead News and Lead Alerts within Sales Navigator puts the most recent and relevant information about your contacts and their companies at your fingertips.

Lead News surfaces publicly-available information about the client, including press releases and news mentions. Lead News will give you useful bits that can be helpful in initiating conversations.Check out the video below for more Lead News and Lead Alerts tips and tricks.

The Sales Navigator for Gmail Extension Offers a Seamless Discovery Experience

The Sales Navigator for Gmail extension allows you to discover mutual connections and potential conversation starters, all without leaving Gmail. When you hover your computer cursor over an email address, you’ll gain valuable context to make the most of every touch. You can also connect directly with email contacts on LinkedIn to grow your network. In the video below, DigitalMarketer’s Marcus Murphy explains how he uses the extension during his day-to-day. 

Which Sales Navigator feature sounds most promising to you? Find out more at sales.linkedin.com