Sales Executives Discuss Sales Navigator and the Future of Sales [Video]

Sales professionals now use tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify ideal customers and build stronger relationships, as these four sales executives attest.

March 5, 2018

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The B2B sales process has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. Email has replaced the cold call and evolved buyer preferences have made the unscheduled sales conversation almost obsolete.

Below you’ll find thoughts from four executives on the evolution of sales and the role Sales Navigator plays in helping them meet their objectives.

Then and Now: The Sales Process Has Changed

Most buyers would say the changes described above are improvements over some of the more intrusive experiences of the past. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, informed buyers prefer to buy at their own pace. In this environment, unsolicited messages that lack context and timely relevance are destined for deletion.

Does that mean sellers hands are tied? Not if you have access to the right people and insights. Sales professionals who adopt consultative, buyer-first mindsets and invest in building authentic networks will succeed in reaching their goals. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help.

Sales Professional, Get to Know Thy Customer with Sales Navigator

These days, buyers have higher expectations than in the past. They’re don’t just expect a customized solution, they expect a personalized experience while pursuing it. And the only way to deliver a personalized experience is to know more about the people you’re personalizing the experience for.

“Sales Navigator enables the best go-to-market motions. I can think through who to approach, what that buyer cares about, and how to engage at a level that accelerates the sales cycle,” says Aaron Feigin, VP of Marketing & Communications for Sumo Logic.

Use the Power of a Collective Network to Reach More Prospects

A Rolodex stuffed with business cards used to be the sign of a well-connected person. Today, the quantity of connections you have is still useful, but equally important is the quality of the relationships maintained.

Oliver L’Abbe, VP of Sales for G2 Crowd, looks for ways to reduce the sales cycle and advance prospects toward purchase decisions. Team Link, a feature of Sales Navigator, allows his team to use the combined network of connected individuals at the company to gain visibility into buyers which sales reps are not yet connected with. This allows sales pros to send more personalized, higher quality InMail messages to prospective buyers using up-to-date profile and company information.

LinkedIn is Where Professionals Go to Learn, Extend their Network, and Grow Business

Over 500 million people use LinkedIn to grow professionally, follow influencers in their industry, and to gain knowledge. DigitalMarketer VP of Sales and Monetization Marcus Murphy believes the environment LinkedIn creates puts buyers at ease.

The Professional Network for the Modern Era

There’s a saying, work smarter, not harder. For Phillip Clark, SVP of Global Accounts at Rentokil Initial, LinkedIn is the ideal resource for proactive sales professionals. The ability to generate warm introductions from 1st and 2nd connections is extremely powerful.

“We used to spend too much time on the phone. It was a thankless task taking a lot of hours. LinkedIn changed everything. There, business professionals volunteer their information, what makes them tick, on a network you can access in an appropriate, professional way to have genuinely meaningful conversations.”

Are you inspired to research Sales Navigator further? Discover more information from real users on our G2 Crowd page.

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