Sales Navigator Success Stories from Europe [Video]

Discover how sales and marketing executives in Europe use Sales Navigator to achieve their sales goals.

March 12, 2018

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No matter which continent you call home, the fundamentals of B2B selling are largely the same. Sellers need to identify the right people and companies, understand their unique situation, and engage them intelligently.

Still, we’re naturally inclined to seek apples-to-apples comparisons, and it’s comforting to know that people in our “neighborhood” enjoy the same experience as others around the globe. Read on and view the brief videos below to see how four sales and marketing executives in Europe achieve social selling success with Sales Navigator.

Pitney Bowes Drives Event Attendance with an Assist from Sales Navigator 

The Pitney Bowes team wanted qualified customer service and customer experience professionals to attend a breakfast seminar. In the weeks leading up to the event, Paul Lewis, Global Social and Digital Marketing Lead, worked with the business development and event planning teams to identify suitable prospects through Sales Navigator. The team engaged the prospects, then followed up with an invitation to the event. The company achieved its attendance goals, but the success didn’t end there. In this clip, Lewis talks about an unforeseen boost in engagement among non-attendees.

Grass Roots Group Uses Sales Navigator to Meet Lofty Lead Gen and Business Development Goals

Grass Roots Group has aggressive growth objectives for 2018, and executives are confident in Sales Navigator’s ability to meet the company’s elevated lead gen and business development demands.

In the video below, Marketing Director Kev Jefcoate explains how LinkedIn Sales Navigator fills in data gaps, leading to more opportunities among new prospects and existing customers alike.

Crane Worldwide Logistics Boosts Conversations with Target Accounts

Leveraging LinkedIn’s rich data and precise targeting capabilities, Crane Worldwide Logistics has increased confidence in its ability to zero in on target accounts. As Digital Marketing Director Kate Yates explains in the video below, Crane’s team has been able to initiate far more conversations with target clients. Crane’s reps have equipped themselves to bring more value to these conversations, in large part due to insights gleaned from LinkedIn.

Kenshoo Uses Strategic Messaging to Re-engage Hard-to-Reach Executives

Kenshoo was being dropped as a vendor, and Kenshoo’s executives were unable to reach the right people to discuss the turn of events. While calls were going unreturned and emails unanswered, Kenshoo found success connecting via Sales Navigator. Listen as Kenshoo EMEA Managing Director Matthew Vignieri explains how Sales Navigator helped the Kenshoo team deliver well-placed messages that re-engaged a key client contact, ultimately leading to strategic alignment across the client’s entire organization.

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